Web Tools and Data Feed

ICRA Analytics unique position combining technology solution development, data analytical skills and market data collector allows it to develop and serve its clients in very different ways than its competitors.

Web Tools

Advisors and brokers planning to develop client facing portals would like to add different tools and calculators which can help their investors make investment decision. Most of these tools need data update and that is where ICRA Analytics services play a major role. Our offerings include supplying data and tools separately and being integrated in client"s own environment or for clients who need simpler implementation go for web tools directly accessing data from our servers without the need to main a separate data service.

Our web tools include:

  1. SIP calculator
  2. SWP calculator
  3. STP calculator
  4. Return calculator
  5. Risk profiler
  6. RGESS calculator

Data Feed

ICRA Analytics remains one of the most reliable sources of market content for its clients. As a data aggregator and data provider it is our endeavor to provide the most authentic data available in the industry. Different levels of QC measures ensure that only the correct data enters into the system. Our data fuels most of our own software products and solutions and various third party softwares and client"s internal development. Our content services span over mutual funds, life insurance and fixed income data.

Who can use this:

  1. Brokers and advisors developing investment portals which need mark to market valuations.
  2. Third party applications which need regular content update to function and report.