ICRA Analytics Reports combine the best of designs, data and editorial finesse to clearly present the most essential facts about an investment in easy to comprehend formats. Our Fund Scorecards, Fund Reviews and Market Updates provide an insight into the trends in the investment industry. Event updates give guidance on the impact of major policy decisions taken by regulators on different investments. All our reports comes in an easy to understand language and graphical illustrations to make them comprehendible for layman investors and prospects.

Research Reports

1. Event updates
2. Scheme reviews
3. Market outlook report
4. Articles on personal finance

Advanced Analytics

1. Bespoke ranking methodology for wealth managers
2. Portfolio optimization tool
3. Portfolio attribution analysis for equity mutual fund
4. Value at risk

Trend Analysis

Transaction and holding report of AMCs with major trends
AUM movement report
Liquidity analysis of bond market
Spread analysis between corporate bonds and gilts