MFI Portfolio Tracker

MFI Portfolio Tracker helps wealth managers keep a close track on their client"s investment portfolio under their management. Your relationship managers can create client profiles along with all the family or group members. Investment reports can be drawn for each member of the family or for the whole family or group. The application integrates with MS Outlook to send out portfolio reports to clients. Valuation alerts can be set for each holding or at portfolio level.

Extensive Report Catalogue

The application comes with a large report catalogue to present the returns on holdings in various ways. This includes 7 different transaction wise return reports and 2 summary reports for corporate and individual clients. Add to this the custom report templates saved as per user"s requirement. Other than the FIFO method for return calculation, the application has reports to support weighted average return calculation.

Customized Report Format

HNIs and corporates are very demanding in the terms of the services they receive. In order to meet this demand, application allows you to change both the Summary and the Detail reports by selecting the headers of your choice. You can select if you want to exclude the sold units or the outstanding units from return calculation or include both to give total returns. Capital gains tax rates can be set for multiple periods.

Control and Compliance

Our workflows and reports help treasuries meet their requirement for compliance. System generates deal ticket as a pre-approval step for any investment which on confirmation from management can be converted into transaction. Exposure to AMCs can be controlled by setting AMC wise limits on present value. Scheme specific actions can be taken based on investor search for a single or a set of schemes. Treasuries can generate Schedule VI and cash flow report as required by their compliance and statutes.

Meeting Diverse Needs

MFI Portfolio Tracker extends beyond performance reporting and gives an insight into the actual exposure the clients are taking. Various reports highlight the exposure in companies, sectors, credit quality and instruments that the portfolio has taken based on the portfolio disclosure by the asset management companies. The application gets updated for all price and scheme master related information from ICRA Analytics servers on a daily basis so that you get an up to date information on valuation. This also updates all dividends related to investment portfolio. AUM across clients and RMs help the management know the performers. Access control limits the access of users to manage only the assigned accounts. A scheduled backup alert prevents loss of data in case of any unforeseen event.

MFI Portfolio Tracker is also available in web architecture for advisors with large geographically spread network.