MFI Explorer

MFI Explorer, a mutual fund analysis tool, addresses complete research and analysis requirement for both fund advisory and fund management industry. The desktop application is powered by the most comprehensive and authentic industry data and numerous benchmark information to help you analyse fund"s performance and portfolio and compare it with peer-group or a benchmark index. Over the years the product has established itself as the major source of of custom peer performance reports and industry analysis reports across many fund houses, wealth managers, banks, brokers and advisors.

User Groups

  1. Fund management
  2. Advisors and Financial Planners
  3. Distributors and Brokers
  4. Treasuries and Trusts
  5. Education institutions


  1. Large inbuilt report library: MFI Explorer comes with a massive collection of inbuilt reports which adds to perspective and flexibility to analyze.
  2. Flexible parameter selection: Flexibility in our case not only includes selection of some additional data points in a report but also includes selection of most granular parameters necessary for any report in the application.
  3. Data quality: ICRA Analytics content management team ensures that only the correct data goes into MFI Explorer. This increases the reliability and consistency of reports many folds.
  4. Data availability: We understand the value of faster data availability and that's why our content management team work round the clock to make sure you have all the data with you at the earliest. We extensively cover and proactively update infrequently released data like fund manager change, expense ratio, load structure etc.


  1. Analyse fund performance with returns and ratios and the flexibility to select all the parameters.
  2. Get to know how portfolio was churned over different periods of time with details at company or sector level.
  3. Create Fund of Funds and compare its performance with any other scheme or index.
  4. Create composite indices and use it along with standard indices to benchmark your scheme set.
  5. Save time on generating your frequently used reports by creating templates and automatically updating data from the spreadsheet using ActiveWorkbook.