Mutual Fund Analytics

Portfolio Analytics

With over a decade spent as the foremost data and solutions provider to the Indian Mutual Fund industry, ICRA Analytics offers the most comprehensive solutions in the portfolio analytics sphere.

  1. Optimizing Asset Allocation
    • Asset Allocation Strategies for Investor Profiles
    • Fund of Fund Allocations
    • Stress Test Modelling
  2. Return Attribution
  3. Value at Risk Analysis
  4. Investment manager Analysis

Sales Analytics

A sales automation tools maybe the beginning, but ICRA Analytics sales analytics enables your business to dig deeper. Pushing high margin products through the most efficient channels is just one way to ensure this. Apart from improving efficiency of the sales process, analytics as offered by ICRA Analytics, will offer predictive solutions to increase business.

  1. Channel Partner Analysis
    • Segmentation of Channel Partners
    • High Margin Potential Amongst Segments
    • Performance Benchmarks with Distributor Scorecards
    • Fitment of Commission Buckets
    • Retention and Attrition Analysis
  2. Analysis of Sales Personnel
    • Performance Benchmarking
    • Identify Segments
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Pipeline Hit Rate
    • Incentive Analysis
    • Compensation Management

Marketing Analytics

With the use of ICRA Analytics marketing analytics, businesses are able to consider all their marketing efforts over a span of time across different marketing channels under one comprehensive evaluation. The end result is a deeper insight into customer profiles, and higher efficacy of future marketing campaigns.

  1. Customer Segmentation & Profiling
  2. Cross – Sell & Up – Sell Analysis
  3. Acquisition Analytics
    • Creation of Acquisition Scorecards
    • Response Models
  4. Account Management Analytics
    • Campaign Management – Targeting, Evaluation, Analysis
    • Retention Analytics – Creation of Optimal Offer Based on Risk Scores
    • Lifetime Value Model
    • Impact of Charge off/attrition on P&L
    • Analysis of Account Management Strategies Based on NPV
  5. Communication Analysis
    • Targeted Communication to Customer Profiles
    • Targeted Communication to Channel Partners
  6. Customer Loyalty Analysis
    • Churn Analysis
    • Attrition Analysis
  7. Focused New Product Push
  8. Database Marketing
  9. Campaign Analysis
    • Post Campaign Analysis
    • Historical Campaign Analysis